Almost two decades ago, a small circle of friends found that they shared some common passions.

For one thing, we all shared a passion for Jesus.

We loved the radical nature of Jesus—the Jesus who was going to speak the truth, even if it got him into serious trouble (which it did).

We loved the “hippie” side of Jesus, who liked hanging out with friends and talking long into the night over good food.

And we loved Jesus, the artist—the Jesus who created the world, and every beautiful thing in it.

We have a long history, first of working with homeless youth in San Francisco, then expanding to the global traveling community, until we are who we are as Shekina today.

Shekina’s purpose is to reflect the way, truth, and life of Jesus among international travelers and spiritual seekers around the world. We do this in our small communities by diving into our practice of the Christian faith with worship, meditation, creativity, and devotion, with an emphasis on welcoming the seeker so that they may come to a clearer understanding of who Jesus is and what it means to be his followers. We hold regular circles for the practice of guided meditation in the Christian tradition, experiencing God’s voice in his words, in silence, and in hearing from one another. We bring our full creative gifts together in devotion circles. We encourage one another in the artistic gifts that each of us has been entrusted with, we offer our worship to God in song, and sometimes we simply get together and eat a really good meal.

 Shekina meditation centers or small communities are currently located in Goa, India; Pai, Thailand; and Asheville, North Carolina.